«Bringing smiles through education & improvement»

«Bringing smiles through education & improvement»

SACMI Engineering and Navi Mumbai based Smiles Foundation NGO have joined forces to support children’s education rights in the Manipur district.

Adding a smile to education. And, with it, more opportunities to lead a full, rewarding life, as should be every child’s right, regardless of their origins.
This, then, is the aim of the project by the Navi Mumbai based Smiles Foundation NGO. Supported by SACMI Engineering, this project is designed to help schoolchildren in the country’s remote Manipur district.

Close coordination between the Smiles Foundation NGO, local institutions and SACMI Engineering has resulted in the donation of 60 tablets to needy pupils at the local school; this is particularly important for girls, as they often struggle to access education and, therefore, enjoy the equal rights, opportunities, and prospects that lead to a meaningful role in society.

“Their appreciation”, points out Paolo Mongardi, President of SACMI, “is evident from the smiles on their young faces: smiles that say every child has a right to an education, which is essential if they’re to achieve their full potential socially, professionally and personally. Every year, SACMI supports projects all over the world, all aimed at upholding basic standards of education and health care. This initiative, organized together with our local SACMI Engineering office - to whom I extend my sincere thanks - focuses on those same goals”.

“Our Mumbai office has been flying the SACMI flag in India for over 20 years”, observes Anand Pande, General Manager of SACMI Engineering. “I’m proud of this project and SACMI Engineering’s role in it. We’re increasingly a reference point not just for our Indian customers but also those mission values - which begin with solidarity and the right to education - that are the hallmarks of the SACMI global family”.

On an analogous note, the district of Manipur may be remote, yet it’s still capable of producing talent, especially in the sports arena. From this perspective, the SACMI- Navi Mumbai based Smiles Foundation NGO initiative also saw the simultaneous awarding of the ‘Sport & Education Felicitation 2022’ prize, underlining the value of sport and the role it plays together with education in providing openings for development and social success all over the world.